This congress is opened to scientists (researchers and teachers/researchers), PhD students and post-doc, professionals of sport, federal executives, teachers, coaches, managers, journalists, doctors, physical trainers, politicians, industrialists and all actors of the world of sport. For this event, we expect between 150 and 250 participants, including several speakers with international recognition.

Objectives of the Congress
  1. This congress is a major event enabling to promote sport sciences in general and in Arab countries in particular.
  2. This event is the opportunity to bring together participants from countries in the different parts of the world, favoring the establishment of new scientific and/or professional collaborations at international, regional and/or local level.
  3. This congress aims to favor the exchange of knowledge and experiences between different scientific disciplines, countries and types of actors (researchers, professionals of sport, industrialists, etc.).
  4. Lastly, this congress is an excellent opportunity to create a network between academics, institutions, federations and industrialists working in the area of sport.


Event planning

The congress will include:

  1. Plenary conferences (at least one per day)
  2. Thematic symposia
  3. Thematic or methodological workshops
  4. Free oral communications
  5. Poster presentations.
The striking fact for the edition 2019:

An evening will be organized for a general public debate under the theme ”Sport in the Arab world“. Politicians, sportswomen / men, journalists and academics will lead the debates. Access will be free for public depending on the capacity.

    1. Sciences per disciplinary areas: History, Psychology, Ergonomics, Sociology, Education, Management, Marketing, Pedagogy, Teaching, Medicine, Neurosciences, Physiology, Politics, Biomechanics, Economics, etc.
    2. Technologies: Decision Aid Technologies, Statistics and Analyses, Design and Innovation, Modeling and Simulation, Virtual Reality, New Materials, etc.
    3. Coaching Science: Match Analysis, Performance Analysis, Trainings and Tests, Talent Identification, Training, Medicine, Prevention and Rehabilitation, Physical Training, Mental Training, etc.
Multidisciplinary question: Comparative look
    1. Society: Ethics, Gender, Violence, Racism, Media, etc.
    2. Population: Childhood, Adolescence, Seniors, Athletes, individuals with disability, etc.
    3. Sport: Football, Basketball, Handball, Judo, Karate, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, etc.
    4. Etc.

This list is not exhaustive and this congress is opened to all works and themes related to the world of sport. Any proposition for communication must be related to the area of sport and can correspond to research or professional experiences.